My health issues…..

I have a condition called hydronephrosis that happens to some pregnant women…

I have been pretty lucky my whole pregnancy so far because I only experienced morning sickness for the first trimester and I hadn’t had any major concerns considering it is a twin pregnancy (what my doctor calls “high risk pregnancy”)

Every doctors’ visit has been very easy because both my OB and maternity doctor say I am healthy and my babies are doing well.
They have been telling me it is normal for me to experience discomfort in my belly and back more than other pregnant women….

However, for the past month,
I have been in pain in my right side on back ribs… like unbearable pain.
Still my doctors say “oh that’s because you  have bigger uterus and two babies in there”.
and all my friends said they all experienced rib pain due to baby kicking.

I thought, ok so it is not just me, so I tried to forget about the pain.

At last week’s regular ultrasound (with twin pregnancy, I get ultrasound every month),
I was in such a pain that I asked the tech to see what’s going on where my pain is at.

and he found a pool of urine in my kidney…..!!!!!
it is swollen because of my uterus is blocking the tube that releases urine from kidney to bladder!

No wonder!!!

It was not my baby kicking!

This condition is called hydronephrosis
and they don’t usually treat it because it will usually go away after giving birth.

I just have to live with this pain for another couple of month 😦

They put me on a mild bed rest (lie on my left side all the time) to prevent from it getting worse.

Well, at least I am glad to know what’s wrong with me and my babies are healthy so it is all good!!

I will survive anything and I will protect my babies no matter what 🙂 We waited for this long enough! 😉

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