TTC and pregnancy recap

Hi there!

First of all,

I am currently 28 week pregnant and we are expecting twin boys!!

After 5 years of marriage and almost 4 years trying to conceive, I was finally able to get pregnant.

Here is recap of my journey till now below ↓

TTC history:
– unexplained infertility
– Hysterosaspingogram
– many blood tests
– tests done on husband
– 4 failed cycles of Clomid
– Chinese herbal medicine
– Acupuncture remedy
– Use of OPK and daily Basal Body temprature monitoring
– Maca, CoQ10, Dande lion drop, Looibos tea, folic acid

Successful cycle:
– IUI with Clomid at fertility clinic
– blood test every morning to detect the ovulation surge
– Acpuncture before and after IUI
– Maca, CoQ10, and folic acid

Early Pregnancy Symptoms:
– high fever and coughs
– Urinary Tract Infection

After my bloodwork showed I’m pregnant:
– hCG level was really high
– at 7 weeks, they confirmed two embryos

They are dichorionic twins.
On top of thw fact it was a clomid cycle, I have about at least 4 sets of twins in my family and my husband has at least 3 sets of twins on his side, we probably were destined to have twins πŸ™‚
The doctors do not know if they are going to be identical or not till they perform a DNA test.

I had been working full time until I was 21 weeks. My doctor wanted me to go on a leave early because twin pregnancy requires more rests πŸ™‚ So I was fortunate to get a disability leave from work before I take an actual maternity leave.

It was very hard working and being pregnant especially because my commute was about one hour long drive each direction and my job required lots of standing and bending.

Morning sickness was very brief now I look back but at that time it felt worse and long! I started to feel better after 14weeks or so πŸ™‚

I will update later on how I have been doing recently!


I wanted to start with an introduction of my pregnancy life first so I can update my journey as it goes from now on πŸ™‚


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