dancing babies in the womb

We have been having a pretty relaxing weekend.

My friends came to visit briefly yesterday and gave us baby gifts👶👶 and some goodies from Sephora💄! (I have the best girl friends😆)


the babies have been VERY active recently. Some movements are so strong that it hurts a little! But I would rather feel them than not feel enough… (like last week)
So I am happy they are active!!

They seem to love Jason Mraz 🙂


They move as I tap my belly to the music 😘

The very first time I felt them move at around 16 weeks was when I was listening to his song “I’m Yours” in the car on my way home from work.
I read the babies in the womb can hear the sound and can respond. and I totally agree!:)

Since I have been feeling a bit better today,
we went for a walk.


The air is so crisp.
What a beautiful day!

Wow tomorrow is already December!!

Time goes by so fast!
Hope everyone had a nice weekend😘


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