Yarn yarn yarn!

Thanks to Lise, I found out Michael’s was having a big Boxing week sale!:)

Of course I went to get lots of yarn 🙂


Now I think of it….maybe I should have stocked up more….. 😅

My husband was working tonight so I crocheted a neck infinity scarf for me and hats for my twin boys!

After finding out my boys are growing very well in my belly and they are more likely to be bigger than I first imagined, I realized I should make bigger hats because all the hats I had made for them are so tiny!!😄



At Michael’s, I also got a baby photo album and a craft container (which holds my yarn and crochet stuff nicely).

Another item I really want to get during this boxing week is Christmas wrapping paper.🎁 Where should I go to find the best deals??

hubby is home! 👍


2 thoughts on “Yarn yarn yarn!

  1. mommyoftwinja says:

    Thank you so much! My bump seems to be getting bigger everyday… So heavy and it started to hang lower!! 😦 but it is hard to always make sure to cook/ eat enough protein! Protein shake is a good idea! Do you have any suggestion on what brand / kind?? Thanks!


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