6 weeks postpartum

Wow my boys are 6 weeks old today!


Time flies!


They now smile lots and also follow us with their eyes. 😍

They had some minor issues like yeast infection and gassy tummy, but with some medications, they all cleared up and we have fairly happy babies :)💕💕


It has been 6 weeks since my c-section surgery, which means my mom is going back home this week…..😭

She was not only a great help but it was also sooooo nice to have her around her grandchildren. 😆

My mom lives abroad but she took a long vacation from work and came all the way here to help me.
I hope she or my dad (who hasn’t even met my babies) can come visit us again soon though…. hopefully this year!

Since I am very close to my mom, I will miss her so much 😥and I am very anxcious about her leaving me.

My husband’s parents don’t really help us  (they are around but they just come to play with babies) so I will be alone when my husband is at work.

I will gradually have to get used to doing housework while taking care of the babies.
My post operation body has recovered pretty well yet I get exhausted when I overdo it.

oh well, I am sure it will all work out!!! I will be busy but everyday will be so much fun seeing the twins’ growth!! :)💚💛💜💙💗


Oh as for update on their feeding🍴🍴…

Right now, the twins eat every three hours.
120ml formula each and about 4-5 times a day on breasts (more like snacks since I don’t produce quite enough)
I am so glad I do this combination method now instead of pumping.
My breasts feel better breastfeeding with flexible schedule than pumping strictly on schedule.👍

It might change but right now I find this way works fine. 🙂
Because I cannot do tandem breastfeeding, bottles work great when they both get hungry at the same time because I can feed them at the same time.

When one gets a bit hungry and fussy before the feeding time, breastfeeding is a fun bonding time with each twin while the other baby isn’t screaming ;).😘

I should go heat up the bottles now!✋


4 thoughts on “6 weeks postpartum

  1. ourtwinslike says:

    Having dealt with a similar situation after my twins were born, I know how tough it can be especially when relatives are the other side of the world and never quiet understanding from OUR side of the fence. I had mom stay with me too, it was fantastic. Again, not because of the physical ‘help’ but the emotional support and almost transportation to childhood for glimpse of reassurance that we’re doing a ‘great job’ well five years on for me and I can look on and see what a super job you are doing and a great blog too


  2. sparrow says:

    Sounds like you are doing great! They look beautiful and healthy 🙂 My mom came to help us, too, for the first couple months when my twins were born and it was amazing–not sure how we would have survived without that.


  3. mommyoftwinja says:

    Awwww thank you so much for nice words 🙂 Yes it is very hard to have my own family away… I realized and really appreciate how supportive my parents are especially now I have children. I hope I can look back at this moment later on and be proud… right now, we don’t know much and we feel guilty being tired and need a break when I should be taking care of babies etc…

    Liked by 1 person

  4. mommyoftwinja says:

    Thank you so much!! yes I don’t know who would be able to survive raising twins alone! Especially after c-section I couldn’t do much except for taking care of the babies… so it was so nice to have my mom helo me with housework 😉


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