almost 5 months!

I keep attempting to write my blog but as soon as I get into typing, one of the boys needs me or I get too tired from the busy day etc, and I never seem to be able to finish my post!! 😜

I will quickly write down while babies are sleeping (before their next feed!)


Now, my boys are 5 months old in a week!

Whaaaaaaat? When did the time go?

We have been loving every second of time with them :)😍😍

They are growing very well.


– They both roll over (that’s all they do now haha)

– M usually naps on his tummy now

– T found his voice and he keeps ‘talking’ during hid car ride

– They love Jolly Jumper

– They put their feet in the river! T didn’t mind it while M cried!

– They bathe in the adult bathtub now

– They enjoy many toys… can hold different shapes

– bedtime 7-8pm, wake up at around 8am

– They nap in the AM and in the PM.

– still have bottles every 3 hours at night (sigh)

– feed on demand – exclusivity formula feeding

– recognize each other and they smile and laugh at each other

– They love play time with daddy (wild rides like flying motion etc)

– They now use bigger car seats and stroller seats


That’s all I can think of now!💛
They were around 18.5 lbs last month so they might be over 19lbs!!

They are so much fun everyday.😄
I can’t do much house work any more while they are awake but I am enjoying playing with them 🙂

I am so sad about how fast they grow up!!!
but I look forward to witnessing all the development too 😉


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