6 Months!

It has been six months since that day… That special and incredible day.
I feel emotional and nostalgic everytime I recall THAT moment. The moment I met my handsome sons.


I am enjoying spending every moment with the boys. It gets better! (didn’t say ‘easier’) They smile every single time my eyes meet theirs. They giggle when they see each other. They play together. They don’t cry as much… only when they are exhausted, but singing or playing can distract them usually πŸ™‚ They are growing. They are developing their skills everyday and I am so proud of them.
I enjoy my time with them. We go out everyday, to a grocery store, friends’ house, a shopping mall, etc… and we play and snuggle.😍😍


-my boys and their friend!-

My family lives overseas and unfortunately we don’t have much support from the hubby’s family (they are “busy” with their lives),
so I am usually alone with my boys everyday except for when my husband is off. (his schedule is so busy so he is rarely home…😭 he is working so hard for us💕)
I got used to feeding,  giving them solids, driving to places with them, bathing them, doing a bedtime routine, and nighttime feeding all by myself.

When my mom, who was here to help me while I recovered, went home 6 weeks after boys were born,
I was so afraid that I won’t be able to take care of them by myself… and back then, the hubby’s family who lives close said they would help… hahaha but in honesty, I only get a few texts a month asking me how the boys are… and that’s about it. I kinda had to get used to the fact that my husband and I will just have to learn all by ourselves.

The internet (lots of inspiring independent twin parents on blog world too!!!), mommy friends, local moms group, etc really helped me!!
Now finally I can say I actually enjoy looking after babies. I just hope I am doing it right πŸ˜‰


Here is their weight at their 6mo drs visit:

T: 21.60lbs
M: 20.94lbs

They will get their shots in a few weeks. Hope they won’t react like last time! (high fever after 4mo shots, which led to a sleepless night for babies and mommy😵)

They like
β˜† jolly jumper
β˜† exersaucer
β˜† toys, any toy, lots of toys!
β˜† being upside down on daddy
β˜† both roll over onto mommy
β˜† rice
β˜† water
β˜† our cat
β˜† teddy bear (giggle at them)
β˜† to roll, scooch back
β˜† open and close hands
β˜† bath time
β˜† swimming pool
β˜† voice of grandparents (my parents on skype)
β˜† change table (always so smily)
β˜† Japanese baby songs – always put them to sleep
β˜† sitting om boppy pillows and play with each other

I look forward to more exciting days to come! 💞
I hope they will start sleeping through the night soon!!! 👌


I will go to bed now! Night!

3 thoughts on “6 Months!

  1. mommyoftwinja says:

    I have so many that read that have inspired me or helped me get through things!! (while pregnant and after birth too)
    Here are some blogs that I can think of right now that I really enjoy… Im sure Im missing many more…;)

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