Almost 8 months! (34weeks)

My boys are 8 months old in a week.
Wow. How did it go so fast?! 😮

This is going to be a quick update post so here are their development milestones…


– at 6 1/2mo, they suddenly sat up from being on their tummies

– They started crawling everywhere since 7 months.

– M got his first two teeth at around 7mo.

– They can handle textures and chunks of food (blueberries, rice rusks, shredded meat, oatmeal, etc). 🍙🍞🍳🍖🍠🍗can ‘chew’ with their gum. They can eat anything except for sugary, fatty, salty stuff.

– started to have separation anxiety… also they hate to be apart from each other. So bath has to be done together otherwise they will freak out. When I move them into a different room or outside to get into the car, I have to carry BOTH 😥

– at 7 1/2mo, they suddenly knew how to use straws. They have been drinking water from regular cups and straw cups.🍵

– at 7 1/2mo, T started pulling himself up to stand. Now he would stand for a LONG time with one hand on something (sometimes lets both hands for a few seconds). M can stand up as well but he doesn’t do it as much as T does.

– Poor cat….😹
They are so fast when crawling and they don’t know “gentle” yet. so our poor kitty gets his fur and tail pulled 😦

– Night time crying: M is really bad. separation anxiety or teething? He sometimes keeps me up ALL night. Also they still feed twice at night….. I would love to experience “sleep through the night” thing. it must be wonderful😜

I just cannot keep up with how fast they develop!
Mommy is not ready yet!!! 😆
We are baby proofing the house but we cant keep up with this rate of their growth. hahaha


Im going to try to get some sleep before babies wake me up!!😨

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