Almost 11 months old(already?!)

I can’t believe it has been almost three months since the last entry.

Lots have changed.

My mom was visiting us for a few months so it was very helpful and I had so much fun having her in our house!

Since she left, it has been a month now. Boys seemed to grow up so much more since she had left.


I will try to write down their development here.

– T can walk slowly. (20 steps or so before he holds onto something)

– M takes a couple of steps

– They can clap their hands

– They can make so many different sounds

– They eat three good meals and 2-3 snacks a day plus bottles 3-5 times a day

– They LOVE smoothies in straw cups. I usually hide kale or spinach in fruity smoothies 😉

– They can say DaDa, MaMa, and jajaja or bababa lol

– If we show them a simple gesture or repetitive game, they copy and laugh.

– M loves TV. T is not so interested

– They sometimes get bored in their play area and they get so excited when they are allowed to play in the kitchen lol They are somehow obsessed with the fridge

– They walk/ crawl to the bathroom together for bathtime and they get super excited

– They nap at around 11am and 3pm and bedtime at 7:30pm.

– They are pretty happy in their stroller so we are fortunate that we can eat at restaurant and they eat their food (that I bring) happily in their stroller seats with trays

– M is still mommys boy. He still freaks out when he can’t see me. T is daddys boy. He is always near daddy and he can fall asleep on him! (M still needs me at nap time and bed time)

– Their sleep is finally better! At around 10 months, they suddenly slept well. Sometimes when they didn’t eat well during the day they have a small bottle at 11pm but mostly can sleep through the night. (We have tried sleep training twice but it didn’t work with M well. He threw up in his crib after 1 hour of crying and I couldn’t do it anymore… but somehow they outgrew the horrible night crying. I believed there must be an end to sleep regression and now they sleep!! M, who used to wake up many many times at night seems more independent during the day too!) I still rock them to sleep but I don’t care! I will take it 🙂 They are babies only once 😉


I cannot believe they are almost ONE!!

I am so excited for their growth but also it makes me so sad…

my babies are turning into toddlers…

This is our boys’ first Christmas🎄

They might not understand yet but they will see it in pictures and videos when they are older so I hope I can make it somewhat exciting for them.

Events and holidays are better when kids are around!😘

Another update,

We are travelling overseas in a few months! 😰😆
I am very excited but
I am already overwhelmed…

flying with two babies on our laps……. Where to start preparing? It will be challenging for sure. Maybe I will write about travelling with one year old later so I can sort my thoughts. 😜

have a good night🌛:)

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