First Christmas🎄

I have been really bad at updating this blog but I decided that I will try to post more entries this year!

I will update some past events to catch up, so bear with me 🙂


🎄First Christmas🎄


T and M were more excited about ripping paper than the actual gifts.

We had a slow day enjoying Christmas music and had a normal day. Then we went to my husband’s family’s house for turkey dinner. They enjoyed their first turkey dinner. and everyone had fun holding and playing with them.

Around this time, M was going through a phase where he cried so hard everytime he was in the car. So after Christmas dinner, it was past their bedtime and M was already stressed about the car ride, so we had two poor babies screaming their hearts out on the drive home 😦

On Boxing Day, we went to a family gathering too and T, who had only taken a few steps at a time started confidently walking!!!

A week later, M started walking. It’s like they suddenly get confident. They had been standing for a long time and they walked using a couch but they didn’t really take steps on their own until they could really walk!! I always imagined it would be more gradual but it felt all of sudden to me 😉

Im excited about Christmas next year when they can understand better!!!

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