Japan Trip!!

This was on my bucket list since they were born,

Go to Japan to show the boys to my family

It took one year to feel confident enough to take this into action.
Even after I bought the tickets, I kept worrying about the trip while I was super excited to visit home with my babies.

“What if their ears won’t pop at the take off and landing?”

“How will we prepare the bottles?”

“Would they fall asleep on us on the plane?”

“Are they going to be bored and get fussy in the airport?”

“What if they get motion sickness?”

“How can we go to the bathroom when we have a baby on our each lap?”

“Are they going to want to walk around?”

etc etc….


Because I prepared the worst case scenario, the actual trip there and the trip back werent so bad.

We had
– Car ride
– Ferry ride
– 3 hour wait at the airport
– 10 hour flight
– A hotel stay at the airport
– another 1 hour flight
– 2 hour drive to my parents’ house

and surprisingly the boys did so well. Yes my husband and I didn’t have much chance to eat or go to bathroom and we chased them everywhere, wore them in carrier to calm them down, etc, but over all, they were as excited as us and pretty happy.

And when we got to my parents’ house, they had no problem adjusting to the time difference, thankfully.


We went to see my grandmother, uncles and aunts, my brother came to visit to meet them for the first time, took the boys to parks, the big zoo, the aquarium, sushi restaurant, department store, etc.

It was so neat to be with the boys and my husband all of two weeks as well as being with my parents.
At home back in Canada, if the hubby is at work, I am by myself with the boys but I had the hubby and my family to help with the boys there, which made me wish I lived closer to my family!

Two weeks was too short. I hope we can go back again to visit them soon.

2 thoughts on “Japan Trip!!

  1. Tales of a Twin Mombie says:

    That’s amazing! Here I am, worried about taking my toddlers on a plane to Florida one day! Meanwhile, you traversed half the globe on a ten hour flight. Awesome!!


  2. mommyoftwinja says:

    Thank you!! I hope your trip will go smoothly 🙂 I am sure it will be fun although the travelling part can be overwhelming!
    The boys didn’t seem bothered by air pressure at takeoff / landing (I felt it a lot on my ears though). They refused bottles so I gave them some crackers to chew on and maybe that helped to pop their ears 🙂


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