Twins’ first birthday (woodland theme)

Our boys turned ONE a month ago!

We had their birthday party at our house.

Up until the party, I had been super busy. I started planning the party a long time ago. I drew on a piece of paper how the decorations will look like and listed all the things to do..

When you have two busy little men running around and cook their three meals + snacks and deal with their naps, bath and bedtime…. you don’t get much time to prepare for a party.

So I did crafts and preparation every night after they went to bed.

I found this cute DIY party decoration kit from Etsy and I printed them out, cut out shapes and glued them to make the party decorations!

goodie bags and paper crafts for the friends to take home

And I made their Birthday outfits!!! This took the longest time to complete since I had to sew by hand.

Except for the bowties, I cut out suspenders and the letter “1” from their old blanket and pants and sewed them on (they hadn’t been sewn on yetin this picture)

The another reason why I was busy during this time was that I was also packing to travel a week after the party. (I will write a separate post on the travel)


The party went well! The party was held a few days before their actual birthday.
Many baby friends and their parents came to celebrate it. The boys had lots of fun.


The cupcakes made by my talented friend


And on their actual birthday, we took the boys to aquarium for the first time! It is a tiny aquarium that we have in our city but it was nice and small that the boys could walk around and have fun.




They were pointing at fish and were really fascinated with everything they saw! Looks like we will be buying annual passes. 😙

I love spending every moment with them (although I complain when they wake at night and scream hahaha)

Happy birthday T & M!
We love you so much.

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