Diva cup (First Impression)

***Sorry about the very personal post***


Ok, I jumped onto the band wagon.

Every week or so, the local FB mom’s group I am in would have a really popular post on “Menstrual Cups.” Most of the comments are so positive that I had to give it a try.

I got my periods back after three months postpartum, and I seem to have heavier flow (my periods were always heavy though).

The reason why I wanted to give a menstrual cup try is because I cannot go to the bathroom whenever I want to any more… The boys need me when they need me! So, any long lasting product would be much easier. Especially when I am out, it is very hard to go to the bathroom. I usually only go to the bathroom to use the changing table for the boys but I cannot go by myself.



I went to the drugstore and I got The DivaCup Model 2. I have delivered our boys via C-section and I am almost 30 so I fall into the Model 2 category. This is the only brand that particular drug store carried and that’s why I got it.



This is only my 3rd day trying but I find there is a lot to learn!

On the first day, it was easy and I was so happy that it worked for me. I read the instruction really well and I inserted it as instructed and no leaks! Perfect.

Then, the night came… It was the heaviest one. It leaked badly. and since then, I could not insert it in a way that it wouldn’t leak on the Day 2. It might be because my period on the second day was just really heavy that I had to empty the cup every hour, or it could not get a good suction because the inside walls were too wet to create a seal… or simply I inserted wrong.

I researched like crazy.

I cut the stem off to see if that helped.

I tried different ways to fold the cup.

I made sure the little holes on the top of the cup were clear.

I angled the cup more horizontally.


but all of the day 2 and most of the day 3, it still leaked.



I was very disappointed since I really want it to work.

Now I am trying different tips I found online.

“face the folded side to the back”

“push the vaginal wall instead of the cup to release the air to open up the cup”

“place the cup under cold water to make the cup stiff so it opens easily”


And so far, it seems to be working much better. Fingers crossed!


I love the concept of the menstrual cups. No more tampons, no leaks (supposed to be), better for your health, etc.

So I hope I get used to the technique and will love it.


This was my first impression post but I will do another post again once I find all the tips and techniques after I get hang of the product.



Thank you for reading this.

Good night!

2 thoughts on “Diva cup (First Impression)

  1. Rachel Malcolm says:

    I tried the diva cup for a couple months. I loved the idea, but my day 2 is just too heavy for it and I was also emptying every hour.
    I accidentally threw it out, so that’s the end of it. 😦


  2. mommyoftwinja says:

    Ok, I am glad to hear it’s not just be with trouble on day 2! It made me scared to realize how heavy my period is!
    Awww, too bad you don’t have it any more. I am hoping I will get used to it and will be able to use it for a while. Thank you so much for your feedback


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