Catching up with friends

Today we went to meet up with my friend and her husband for lunch.

We had yummy Vietnamese food. The boys loved their jasmine rice and chicken & vegetable stir fry.

I am so glad our boys like eating in high chairs at restaurants now. They were pretty well behaved since my friend played with them a lot once they got bored sitting 😉 The waitresses there were pretty nice but one of them came up to my boys and just handed them hard candies….without asking us…..hmmm? 1 year olds cannot have candies… and however old the kids are, I would like them to ask me if they can have it. Oh well I am glad we caught it so they didn’t choke on it! phew!!




after the lunch we went to the nearby park to play.

This couple has been so so so nice to us and the boys. My friend is a twin as well (identical twins) actually and her twin sister is also one of my good friends. She was unfortunately working today so we couldn’t meet with her. They understand what it is like to be twins so they always care about how the boys are and how I am managing. I am so lucky to have such great friends.

From the moment I found out I was pregnant up to today, they have given them such nice gifts and so much support for me and my husband.

When they have a baby (or babies), I hope to do the same.


T and my friend


They loved this rotating cup thing

They ran around and they played hard.

We got home and they had a 2 1/2 hour nap! (had to wake them up so they can sleep at night)

They never sleep that long so I was surprized.


Tonight, the time change happens. We will lose one hour. I wonder if the boys’ schedule will be a little bit messed up. I don’t quite remember if it affected anything this time last year. I guess we will find out!


Thanks for reading!

Have a great night.

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