Brief power outage. Easy baby meal idea: “Onigiri” rice balls

Today we went to our good friend’s daughter’s 3rd birthday party.

They had Paw Patrol themed party. OMG it was so cute. I should have taken pictures but I didn’t… Our boys were so busy and determined to move everywhere and touch everything that they are not supposed to, so I was so busy just to chase them (They still put everything in their mouth so when we are not at our house, I really have to watch out..) and try to feed them snacks. haha


When we got home, the storm was pretty bad outside.

Everyday at around 5pm, I start to prepare for dinner, so I was starting cut vegetables, etc… and the power went out.

Ok, the adults can wait until later to eat but the boys need to eat now so they can go to bed by 7:30pm. Our stove is gas but it needs power to light it, and I didn’t want to bother with using a lighter or a match to try to get the gas stove working.

So, the solution was to make “no-heat” meal for dinner.

Rice was already made so I just made Onigiri rice balls with fish flakes, and I gave the cucumber and raspberries. They had lots of milk and cheese for snacks today so I decided that it was okay to have not much protein for dinner tonight. (Whatever makes life easier when no electric appliance would work)


Mini Onigiri (rice balls), cucumber, and raspberries

I love this rice ball idea so much. The boys love rice and they love finger food. Rice can get sticky but if you add sesame seeds or small cut seaweed, it gets less sticky and I use wet fingers to form little balls and it makes the surface of the rice balls smoother and it makes it easier for the boys to hold them.

They finished all the food. They eat so much recently. Today they had late lunch and then they snacked quite bit at the party and then they had this dinner a few hours after the party! Maybe they are going through growth spurt.

Anyways, as soon as they finished eating, the power was back on. Phew!


Hope everyone is having a nice day/night.


Thanks for reading!

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