Found the boys’ most favorite dish

We went to Costco today.

I love that they have double seat carts!
I wish other stores had those… it would make shopping with more than one kid much easier!


When we got home from shopping, it was close to the dinner time already.

I didn’t have any rice made or any meat thawed…

what can I make that the boys would eat???


I have lots of eggs! oh and I have some bread!


(a real quiche would use a pie crust but I did an easier version)

So in 30 minutes, I made this.


The boys L O V E D it.

I have never seen them eat this much vegetables willingly before.

I put so much broccoli and spinach (pre-steamed them so they were very soft).
They are usually very picky when it comes to just eating vegetables alone, but I guess they were okay when the vegetables were covered in eggs and cheese which they love.

Why did I never think to make this before?
It’s so easy and they can eat lots of veggies!

My husband quite liked it too. He enjoyed it with some hot sauce.


Ok, this dish became our favourite for sure 🙂
I was pretty excited when the boys wanted more than I prepared on their first plate!

Have a great night.

Thanks for reading!

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