Twins’ own world

Today was a slow day.

The time change due to daylight saving time affected all of us and the boys are still waking up one hour later than usual, which is nice for me! 🙂

Because of the late morning, they have been having a really late morning nap, which turns into an afternoon nap. So the last few days, they have only had ONE nap!

I haven’t quite figured out a schedule when they decide to just have one nap yet. But when they have a nap around the lunch time, meal time changes. So we had breakfast at 10pm and lunch at like 2pm today. So we just hang out at home and when daddy came home, we went outside just to get some fresh air.



PBJ sandwiches for breakfast



quinoa + Soboro (ground pork & hakusai cabbage in sweet soy sauce flavour) and Strawberries for lunch



They boys are interacting with each other so much lately. They always have been pretty close but they seem like they are communicating with each other now. They don’t really talk yet (they can say a Japanese word “Do-zo”, which means “here you go”) but they give each other highfives and they create a little game with their toys. SO ADORABLE.

BUT lots of those times include small fights & tears to follow too. They fight over toys ALL THE TIME. One time T bit M’s arm. I hope it wasn’t from anger… There is so much for me to learn and grow as a mom.


Anyways, I have many more post ideas for this blog, like on travelling, their development, my interests, etc…

Hopefully I can find time during the boys’ naps or after they go to bed and will try to write more.


Thanks for reading!

3 thoughts on “Twins’ own world

  1. msaudreyc says:

    Hope this doesn’t happen to you but we just got over a biting phase with ours around 26 months old or so they started on and off from 12 months 😕


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