My Mommy Mess…

I had quite a busy week this week. Since I decided to update this blog more regularly, I have come up with so many blog post ideas that I want to write, but I find it is so hard to make the time. I never get to be on my laptop when the boys are awake anyway, so my blog time is when they are asleep, but they are not napping or sleeping very well recently… So I find myself always saving my posts in the draft bits at a time. Oh well!!

I apologize in advance for this post being very random.

I am just so tired. Exhausted this week. M has had a bad cough and it wakes him up in the middle of night the last few days. And when M cries, he screams, because he must be frustrated that it wakes him up. He cries so hard that I cannot stop him when he freaks out in his sleep, so I have been having to wake him up from his sleep-state, let him play to make him feel better, and then put him back to sleep again… It is very tiring. I know I should just go to bed right now that I am done with house work, but I like this time. I want to be able to sit at night to have “me time”, and the “me time” I can enjoy right now is writing this blog.


While I am here, I will share some pictures from this week.


they love to point at things!


at the beach


me and M – look at me with my mommy bag and mommy shoes! (no more Coach bags or heels lol)


A second before M ran for the water


We belong to a local multiple birth club and they have an Easter event tomorrow and I volunteered to make decorations for the party, so a fellow twin mom and I worked on banners, signs, and crafts this week.


Pinterest free printables



This week we also had to take the boys to a pediatrician’s office (appointment was just for T though). T has a large head. When he was about 6 months old, his head grew rapidly and his head circumference has always been way over the 100th percentile, so our family doctor was concerned that he might have extra fluid or have a condition called “hydrocephalus”. T’s development isn’t delayed but the doctor wanted to ensure that he is healthy.

He has been seeing various specialists, has had several ultrasounds, and has gone to a special hospital in a bigger city. After all the tests and checkups, finally all the doctors agree that his head is not a concern. Some kids just have rapid growth of their head at an early age. So, we are relieved 🙂 Since the first concern, T’s body has already started to grow into his head size.

Because we have two boys same age, it is so easy to compare them in size, so I used to worry about his head size a lot but now I know they are both healthy boys! Actually, many people have commented on his head size and some people think he is older just because his face / head looks bigger… I hope that won’t bother them in their life. Fraternal twins are different. And I love that about them.



I should really go to bed now. I’m so tired I worry that I can’t even form a proper sentence.

Thank you so much for reading.

Good night!








11 thoughts on “My Mommy Mess…

  1. Melissa Rose says:

    I think I could have written this post myself. Sleep regression is awful, isn’t it? You want sleep and to rest but your blog keeps calling your name…at least for me anyway. I should be sleeping, too. I spent the last 2 hours online while my daughter is asleep. Not wise of me, huh? :/

    Glad your boys are healthy! Great news.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. msaudreyc says:

    The first photo is so pretty! My son has a bigger head too but I’m not to worried as we think he is following his dad’s head size😂 Gaby wakes up from his nightmares too but I find keeping his sippy cup by the bed and waking him up enough to offer it to him enables him to go back to sleep soon after an episode. I also think he was experiencing growing pains which my husband said he used to have quite frequently

    Liked by 1 person

  3. mommyoftwinjas says:

    Ok, that’s a good idea! I always panick and go get milk or water after he is already freaking out. So I should probably have the water cup ready by the bed. thank you.
    Growing pain makes sense! awww hope your son will grow out of that phase soon 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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