What’s in My Twins’ Diaper Bag?

mommyoutnumbered.com diaper bag essentials for twins

Diaper Bag.

I never thought I would get used the idea of always carrying a big heavy bag everywhere I go, everyday. I like stylish purses (I used to work for a well-known high end handbag company, and my husband will tell you I have a purse addiction), and I used to be particular about how to take care of my nice purses and I would change purses according to my fashion that day.

Now I just carry a washable cross-body bag AND a diaper bag.

I have gone through 3 diaper bags so far. First one had absolutely everything including blankets and medicine but I realized it was way too heavy and I didn’t need that much. When I downsized a little bit, I chose a shoulder bag style diaper bag. It was cute and it looked like a purse, so I liked it but it eventually got in my way when I was holding one of the babies or I didn’t have a stroller with me to put the bag in. Especially since they started walking and I need my hands free to hold both children’s hands on my hands, I needed something that lets me have hands free. So I opted for a backpack diaper bag.

mommyoutnumbered.com diaper bag backpack step hop

My absolutely favorite diaper bag so far (sorry about the stain!) – Skip Hop Forma Backpack, Black

I have been using this backpack for a couple of months including the trip to Japan, and I can say I LOVE it. I stuff this thing full and it is still holding up really well. The different compartments allow me to organize baby stuff in categories like the diaper stuff in a separate section from food related things. And I love that there are two bottle pockets on each side for two water bottles for my boys.

mommyoutnumbered.com diaper bag backpack

Us shopping in Japan… Me with my purse & diaper bag backpack. My husband is carrying my friend’s son!


Now, let’s see what I put in my diaper backpack (in different categories)

  1. Diaper Stuff
www.mommyoutnumbered.com diaper bag essentials

Change pad (which is included in the Skip Hop Forma Backpack), diapers (I usually carry about 3 diapers per baby = 6 diapers), Vaseline, diaper garbage bags, and baby wipes


2. Eat & Drink

www.mommyoutumbered.com diaper bag essentials5

Chair Belts (I will describe about this product later in this post. THE BEST GIFT I got for our babies), Baby snacks, Smoothies (I like to make my own and put it in the reusuable Squeeze bottlesThermos water bottle

www.mommyoutumbered.com diaper bag essentials6

Bananas and berries are our boys’ favorite so I almost always carry them for the boys. Until the boys were 11 months old, we used to carry two small baby bottles with water in them & formula powder so we could make bottles when we were out.


3. Entertain

www.mommyoutumbered.com diaper bag essentials4

If snacks don’t satisfy them, give them a toy!


4. For “Accidents”

www.mommyoutumbered.com diaper bag essentials3

With babies, there are lots of accidents! We always carry two sets of everything just in case both boys have accidents.


5. Clean & Protect


There it is! These all fit in my backpack pretty well. We usually drive to places so two baby carriers (we have two Ergo baby carriers), blankets, a picnic mat, extra jackets, hats, etc are in our SUV all the time so I’m thankful that I don’t have to carry those things in my bag.


Also, I wanted to elaborate on the chair belts that I carry everywhere. They are the best baby product I have received. My best friend in Japan actually sent it to me when I was pregnant and I can’t thank her enough. I have used it on so many occasions.

This is the product she got me: Aye Tex, carry free chair belt Red 01-069 (This is sold on Amazon.com, however, I think my friend bought them at a baby store in Japan)

www.mommyoutumbered.com diaper bag essentials chair belt

Basically, you can sit your baby in any chair. We use it on dining chairs at my in-laws’ house or friends’ house. Some high chairs at some restaurants are missing belts, so we bring our chair belts to securely sit our boys in them.

www.mommyoutumbered.com diaper bag essentials chair belt2

www.mommyoutumbered.com diaper bag essentials chair belt3

This has saved our life. At restaurants or friends’ house when WE want to eat too, it is so hard to have the babies on our laps while we try to feed them and also eat. This belt lets us feed them in their own chairs.

I am so excited about this product that I tell every friend about this now!


Hope some of you can relate to this post, or maybe help expectant parents decide what kind of diaper bags are a fit for them.

Thank you so much for reading.

Please share what you carry in your diaper bag, or any diaper bag trick that you have in the comments!


***This post includes some affiliate links and if the product was purchased by clicking those links, I may receive compensation.

7 thoughts on “What’s in My Twins’ Diaper Bag?

  1. vadermama says:

    My cousin have me her old twin diaper bag. I call it the Cadillac of diaper bags, you can hold 20 diapers,six outfits, 12 bottles and all the fixings needed for kids! 🙂

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