My boys are almost 15 months old

Since the boys were born, time feels like it is going that much faster, and I hate that I am unable to hold on to every single little memory… They grow up and change so much each day and when I look back at pictures or videos, it makes me feel nostalgic. Heather from The Other Johnsons had a great post about how every step of the babies’ growth has some feature that is the last we will ever see… that made me sad and is a reminder to appreciate every moment.

I have been really bad at writing down their routines, developments, and stuff lately, so I have decided to write down the boys’ development at this stage, to remember.

They are almost 15 months old and this month has been a tough one for us in this house since everyone including me has been sick. It’s hard to stay home when it’s gorgeous outside. But that doesn’t stop these boys from growing and learning! New skills everyday!!


Can’t believe how much lighter their hair is getting! M has hazel eyes and T has green eyes. Brown haired, brown eyed mommy is jealous of how gorgeous those colours are!!

15 Months Development

  • Whenever they see socks or shoes, they try to put them on (unsuccessfully)
  • They give hugs and kisses to each other, our cat, and mommy and daddy. (M with an open mouth haha) And they learned to pat on people’s heads and our cat’s head nicely.
  • They love throwing balls down the stairs.
  • They can easily climb stairs and onto chairs and couches.
  • They eat pretty well. (Eggs, cheese and any fruit are their favorite)
  • They can open doors. (we don’t have round doorknobs)
  • They can open and close lids of containers.
  • They “read” books, page by page, and point at pictures
  • Favorite TV shows are Anpanman (Japanese), Inai Inai baa (Japanese) and Paw Patrol
  • If we help them, they can drink well from regular cups. (until a month ago, they only took straw sippy cups)
  • Now can eat snacks and food from plates or cups without spilling and thinking they are just toys.
  • They love cruising on their baby scooters.
  • They walk up and wait at the high chairs to be seated when I call out “lunch/dinner is ready, boys!”
  • They love dancing to any melody; TV show themes, songs, even us humming, etc.
  • Favorite songs: songs by Raffi!! We took them to his concert when they were almost 12 months old and they watched and danced to his songs so nicely. They especially like Baby Beluga. They bring the lyrics book and sway with it whenever I put the song on at home.


Words that they can say (while understanding what that means):

  • Ball
  • Dog
  • Giraffe
  • Book
  • Duck
  • Dada
  • Dozo (“here you go” in Japanese)
  • Zo (“elephant” in Japanese)
  • Buta (“Pig” in Japanese)
  • Ato (supposed to be Arigato = “Thank you” in Japanese)

*Usually just first syllable that sounds right though… but WE understand them haha

Words that they understand but cannot say:

  • Cow (both English and Japanese)
  • Horse (both English and Japanese)
  • Elephant (both English and Japanese)
  • Chicken (both English and Japanese)
  • Pig (both English and Japanese)
  • Cat (both English and Japanese)
  • Sheep (both English and Japanese)
  • Nose (English)
  • Ears (English)
  • Shika (“deer”)
  • Anpanman
  • Inai inai baa (“peek a boo”)
  • Gochisosama (“Thank you for food” after eating. They understand when I say that when we finish eating and they put their hands together and smile!)
  • And many more, I’m sure since they understand lots of what I say.


Their favorite words to say are “Ball” and “Duck” right now. If they find anything that looks like a ball, anywhere, they point and shout “Ball!!!”. The other day at the grocery store, they were so excited to find melons and they were both saying “BAAAALLL!” so we had to get one. hahaha.

I speak only in Japanese but if the book that they bring me to read is in English, I will read in English or sing some English songs. And my husband is very good at constantly teaching them new words whenever he is home so I find their English vocabulary is bigger right now. It’s fascinating though, to see them understanding both English and Japanese words for the same animal. Their brains are much more flexible, aren’t they! It will be interesting to see how they will acquire bilingual skills throughout their childhood. I grew up only using Japanese so I’m curious how they will do.


Anyhow, I will finish around here, before it gets too long of a post.

Hope everyone is having a great day.

Thank you always for reading!

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6 thoughts on “My boys are almost 15 months old

  1. mommyoutnumbered says:

    Oh are you raising your son with two languages too? Thats great! I still don’t know what’s best to do… I try to only speak in Japanese and my husband does in English but we talk to each other in English… I wonder if it gets confusing to my boys. Do you find your son mixes up or does he speak and understand two languages well?


  2. zelynneblog says:

    My son started talking late around 18 months. So I thought it was confusing him because when we were in California my family would talk to him in Tagalog sometimes. So here in Texas, I speak English only. And my husband can only speak English. But now that my son has been talking up a storm I thought to myself maybe I should try talking to him in Tagalog. So I would ask him questions in my native language like “what is this color? What is this shape?” and he seemed to understand. I haven’t done it a lot though. I’ve read in an article a long time ago that the best years to teach them a second language is between the age of 1-3.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. mommyoutnumbered says:

    Thank you for answeing my questions!
    I see. yah I definitely see my friends’ babies who only hear English speak much sooner… but I try to stick to speaking Japanese…. but everyone else speaks to them in English here so I really have to try! I want them to be able to communicate with my family in Japan 🙂
    I didnt know you spoke Tagalog! Thats great for your son!! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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