Being fit = feeling better = happier me = happier family

It has been 15 months since I gave birth to my boys… And I gave birth to them at 38 weeks (9 months), so that means it has been approx. 24 months since I exercised. (my pregnancy with twins was considered higher risk so I was not allowed to exercise while pregnant)

I am very ashamed to admit that it took this long to get started. I have attempted or “thought of” exercising many many times since the boys were born, but I always seem to find a perfect excuse not to continue.

Now I had to find perfect reasons why I SHOULD exercise:

  • I want to feel better and get stronger
  • My post c-section body is completely recovered
  • My boys go to bed before I do so I MUST be able to find some time

I still have a little bit of tummy… I blame my twin pregnancy that went to full term and gave me an enormous belly with lots of stretch marks. So it seems inevitable that I have loose skin and some fat around there, but I cannot blame that for feeling weak and not having any muscle. As my husband always tells me, workout is about how I FEEL, not how I LOOK.

My husband is such a great inspiration. He encourages me to be healthy. He used to work as a fitness instructor for over ten years before he got his current job, and he still regularly works out at home. We have a home gym set up downstairs and he is motivated to go work out even after 12 hours of work and after helping me with housework and helping putting the boys to sleep. After seeing how he can still find time and energy to work out, I thought I have no excuse.

I used to dance but I was never a ‘workout’ person. I hate the idea of going to a gym, so the idea of weight training at home did not sound that interesting. I would love to go to a dance class but it just doesn’t fit my boys’ schedule, so I had to find a better way.

My husband looked into some fitness programs for me and he thought that a kettle bell workout is suited to me. Each workout is 15-20 minute long and all I need is a kettle bell. I don’t even have to go downstairs to the home gym. I just work out in my living room with my kettle bell.


Here is the great website we refer for our kettle bell exercises.

To ease back into exercising, my husband suggested me to workout just twice a week. This allows me to heal in between and actually start to look forward to the next workout day!

I have only done two weeks of it but I am enjoying it so much. I love it that my husband can be my coach and that’s how we can spend two evenings a week together!

Next mission is to create healthier leaner meal options to optimize the result of my workout.

Right now, everyone in this house is still, or just getting over, the flu and we were eating whatever we felt like, so hasn’t been that healthy, but I would love to establish some healthy snack ideas. Please share your healthy snack options for busy momma (or anyone)!

I will keep you posted along the way!

Thanks for reading.

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6 thoughts on “Being fit = feeling better = happier me = happier family

  1. lovefromleyla says:

    This was a great read and I’m glad I’m not on my own with the work outs just starting really. I’ve been so busy! I try to run twice a week but more than that, I just can’t find the time. I’ll check back for healthy snack suggestions. Thank you! Xx

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  2. mommyoutnumbered says:

    Thank you for the comment Leyla! I can imagine how much busier you are with all the move and three kids! Actually your posts a while ago on taking time for yourself and you posted a gorgeous pic of you after the result of workout after twin pregnancy, I was inspired 🙂 I hope to feel / look better again! We, moms, will have to take a good care of ourselves too, won’t we❤

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  3. zelynneblog says:

    Good for you. I always complain to my husband about my little pouch in my tummy. Like I’m skinny everywhere but there is a little hanging in the middle. So he got me a workout dvd to get killer abs. I did it for a week and stopped. Sometimes all you need is dedication. Which I don’t have. 😁 He works out a lot since he is in the military. And he even suggests working out together at home. I need to stop being lazy.

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  4. says:

    yes… the tummy is my problem area too. I usually hide it well by wearing certain type of clothes so people don’t notice but it’s about how I feel about it… so hopefully I can continue to see the difference! 🙂 Join me in the workout challenge! 😉

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  5. hopefulandhungry says:

    Good for you, I agree with your husband about working out helping you FEEL better and not just LOOK better. I use to work out very regularly, but like you, it has diminished greatly with children. I do love working out though-I feel so much better when I do. Hope you can continue to find the time to enjoy being healthy!

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