Fun in the sun at the gardens

Just a quick post tonight.

All of us are finally at the end of this horrible flu and we couldn’t stand being indoors any longer.

So, we ventured outside today and we had a picnic in our favorite gardens!


boys at gardens - April 2016 mommyoutnumbered

Walking in bare feet

mommyoutnumbered gardens pics

Tried taking pictures with both of them but it was nearly impossible. So I’m happy with this one…

trying on a shoe -

M loves trying to put shoes on (unsuccessfully)

It was almost 30 degrees today! It is water park season already, isn’t it?

I am very excited that my family is feeling much better and I really, really hope that we don’t get a second round of cold / flu anytime soon.


Thank you so much for reading.

Good night.

5 thoughts on “Fun in the sun at the gardens

  1. The Other Johnsons says:

    So happy to hear everyone is feeling better!!

    I read the “30 degrees” and thought “This woman is crazy! 30 degrees is not picnic weather, unless you’re in an igloo!” Then I remembered you’re in Canada. Lol. That’s 30 degrees Celsius. 😂😂

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