Story Time with Your Kids

I love reading to my boys. Ever since they were born, I have read them English and Japanese books everyday.

Now that the boys are starting to understand the words and trying to say words, I realize it is more important to expose them to as many resources as they enjoy.

I do sometimes rely on TV shows to entertain them. I sometimes put on songs on Youtube or play CDs.

Even though entertainment using visual sense can be more main stream now a days, I love story telling. If I am feeling creative, I sometimes make up a story or tell an old Japanese folklore for my boys when putting them to sleep.

But I don’t always feel like making up stories, so I love using a website called Yarn Story Factory.

Here is a little bit about them if you haven’t heard them yet.


Yarn Story Factory is a new and free children’s podcast. The focus and goal of Yarn Story Factory, is to bring imagination back into children’s lives. By utilizing sound effects, music and narration, Yarn Story Factory breathes life into every story they produce. Their stories will give you the sense as if you’re sitting a movie theatre. Close your eyes as you listen to their stories, and be prepared to be transported to another world. In addition to stories for kids to enjoy, the young ones will also learn fun facts and knowledge in Yarn Story Factory’s “Did you Know” segments.

They have podcasts on iTune and SoundCloud. Since I do not own any apple product, I use Soundcloud on my phone or tablet to listen to the stories.

Even if my boys might not understand the words, it is still good for them to listen to quality stories, and they will only get better. Listening to music and listening to someone speak without looking at particular pictures can develop their imagination.

I love that each story is fairly short. I sometimes put it on while the boys drink their bottles or when I change their diapers.

I find myself listening to it much more carefully than them! I think it’s great that they make these story podcasts available for free for kids and parents. I am sure our boys will appreciate more when they are a little bit older too.

The sound is very good quality and it’s fun, so if you are out of ideas for bedtime routine, or just something to do with your babies or kids, I recommend trying out Yarn Story Factory!

children's storytime podcast by yarn story factory


Yarn Story Factory Links: To contact and follow YarnStoryFactory, check out these links:

iTunes Podcast: Yarn Story Factory ( )



I was invited to check out Yarn Story Factory’s podcasts for a review; however, it is totally a free program that is available to everyone and my opinion is honest and it was my decision to post a review on this product on my blog.



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