Family day at the Aquarium and a walk on the beach

Today was another gorgeous day. It wasn’t as hot as past few days but today was daddy’s first day off after like 7 days of working a bunch of overtime, and my mom is visiting us from Japan right now; we couldn’t pass up this opportunity to spend a day at our boys’ favorite place, the Aquarium, and a nice walk along the ocean! (our boys still have runny noses but they are doing so much better!)

aquarium and beach day with family -

They won’t leave the huge jelly fish tank!


aquarium and beach day with family - mommyoutnumbered.com2

They get so focused and spend a long time in front of each tank.


There is only a small scale aquarium where we live but it’s perfect for little kids like ours. They run around and get so excited to see the fish and probably the cool lighting of the tanks too. An aquarium is such good entertainment for them and they can learn so much. We love taking them here so much we got annual passes.


After visiting the aquarium, we went for a little walk and down to the rock beach.

aquarium and beach day with family - mommyoutnumbered.com3

They loved playing with small rocks (they attempted to eat some of them so we had to watch carefully)


aquarium and beach day with family - mommyoutnumbered.com4

This beautiful beach contains rocks, naturally tumbled glass bits, sea shells, etc…


aquarium and beach day with family - mommyoutnumbered.com5

me carrying T on my back


We enjoyed walking along the ocean. The boys had fun walking for a bit, but after that we carried them to walk to the restaurant for lunch. Our boys are 28-29 lbs each and our arms get tired from carrying them once they get tired from walking… and these Ergo baby carriers (we have two and these are our favorite) have a weight limit of 45lbs, so we can still use them for a while! Baby wearing is fun for the kids and sometimes an easier option for us parents. I do have to use a stroller if I am by myself since we have twins, but if I have another adult to carry the other baby, we can have them in our carriers and that saves our poor arms!

I am so glad our boys got to enjoy this beautiful day outside and we had a great time with my mom! She is only here for a week and a bit but I really appreciate her help. I am not used to having family nearby to get help with my boys, so it’s such a treat when she can come visit and help and play with my boys!

I hope everyone is having a great week.

Thank you so much for reading.
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