Last Minute “FREE” Gift / Card Ideas for Mother’s Day

If you are like me, who always forgets what day of the week it is today, you might be surprised to realize Mother’s Day is just around the corner. Actually in a few days!

I, for some reason, thought Mother’s Day was third weekend of May… And just a few days ago, I realized it is actually this weekend.

So I created a gift guide for those who are last minute gift person! You might not be as silly as me, maybe just busy with work and haven’t thought of a card or gift for your mother or mother in law.

Mother's Day Gift guide

  1. Mother’s Day Printable Gift Tags [Squirrelly Minds]
  2. Printable Mother’s Day Coupon [The Idea Room]
  3. Mother’s Day Printable Placemat [The Dating Divas]
  4. Mother’s Day Card DIY [VIcky’s Scrapbook]

I think I will use these printables / DIY instruction myself! There are so many gifts and cards to buy but these gifts and cards are handmade since you can add your own designs and messages and you can make it more personal, and I think that’s way more valuable to receive as a mother.

I want to thank all these awesome bloggers who are so creative and made these printables and DIY ideas for us!

I hope everyone will have a wonderful Mother’s Day. For us, my husband works on Sunday so we will be celebrating it as a family of four on Monday instead. This is my second Mother’s Day and I am very thankful that I can be a part of this holiday with my children.

Thank you so much for reading!

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