What Mother’s Day means to me…

How was everyone’s Mother’s Day? Did you have a memorable day with your mother and/or your children?

For me, my mom lives far away so I haven’t been able to spend Mother’s Day with my mom for years. She was actually visiting us for a short time recently but went back to Japan before Mother’s Day came around, so I just sent her an email but I wish I could have been with her… She is my best friend and my role model. She is the great mother I want to become. Since I was young, I was such a mommy’s girl and my dream job was always “a mom” because of her. She has always prioritized me and my brother in her life. Now that I am a mother, I have so many things I can learn from her and I respect her even more. I appreciate everything she does/has done for me, and my boys are so lucky to have her as a grandmother. I live in Canada with my husband and my kids while all of my family are still in Japan, and it has been hard for me sometimes, but I have been able to see my parents more since my boys were born. So, I have to thank my boys for that gift.

What Mother's Day means to me -mommyoutnumbered.com

These pretty flowers are actually from my husband for Mother’s Day gift

Since I am a mom now, my boys and my husband celebrated Mother’s Day for me. My husband worked Sunday so we celebrated it today (Monday) instead. We went to a nice place to see beautiful flowers with my in-laws in the morning, then to a restaurant with a gorgeous view for lunch, and my husband cooked me a delicious dinner!! I am such a family person and I love being with my husband and my boys. They make my life complete. They make me feel so happy. I might be selfish but if I could I would spend every moment with them. My husband is such a wonderful daddy to our boys too. Motherhood is a funny thing. It is challenging at times and I sometimes have no idea what I am doing. I feel like I just manage to take care of my children… when I am barely a good adult myself. This is a completely new stage of my life and I am still very new to it, yet I cannot imagine my life any other way anymore. Once I am a mother, I am a mother forever.

Mother’s Day used to be always about my mom, and after marriage, about my mother in law as well, but now it is for me too, which I feel incredibly privileged about. (When we were going through infertility struggle, this holiday was sometimes hard for me actually because I so wanted to be a mom.)

I know this is “just another holiday” for some people,and it is widely celebrated in the world in a commercial way too, but for me, this is my second one and it was a big deal. I wanted to bask in all the happy moments with the boys, who made me the mom that I longed to be. I still can’t believe how lucky I am to have such sweet, thoughtful, happy, smart, compassionate, active little boys as mine. (Maybe I am being a silly proud mom!) This will always be a special holiday for me.

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8 thoughts on “What Mother’s Day means to me…

  1. Nikki says:

    I think so far we have one of each, J is definitely a Daddy’s girl. Are your boys Mommy’s boys? I had a nice and relaxing day with the family. Looks like you had a wonderful day!


  2. yosh_mommyoutnumbered says:

    Actually we are like that too. M is a total mommy’s boy. He won’t sleep / settle with anybody but me but T always goes to daddy 🙂
    I wonder if that will change!! So nice though that we have two to share between us parents 🙂 soon you will have three!!! ❤


  3. Heather says:

    I’m glad to hear you had such a great Mother’s Day. Being a mom is a wonderful honor and gift. It sounds like your husband really made it a day to bless you and all your work.


  4. yosh_mommyoutnumbered says:

    Thank you. He had to work all day on mother’s day yet we had to go visit his family that evening and half of next day and I was a bit disappointed at first that I didn’t get a day with my family… so he made sure the rest of Monday was just for me and the boys, I think 😉


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