7 Toddler Meal / Baby Finger Food Ideas

When my babies started eating solids, my cooking life became a little bit more challenging… And now that they are eating three times a day, plus snacks, it is hard to think of a variety of food everyday! As a stay at home mom of twins, I feel like a day consists of constant meal preparation, cooking, feeding, and then brushing their teeth.

If I was alone at home, I would just find something easy to eat, but I can’t always give them what I eat just because it can be unhealthy, hard to digest, and  so on. Some days, when contemplating meals for the day, I dream of the simplicity in meal planning as a student.

I usually cook and feed the boys the same meal as what we eat for dinner but for lunch, I try to make finger food so that 1. I don’t have to feed them with tiny spoons, 2. they have more fun feeding themselves, 3. I sometimes don’t want to cook a big meal for lunch if my husband is not home.

Here are some of the ideas that have worked for me when it comes to easy finger food options that are perfect for babies and toddlers.

Baby finger food, toddler meal ideas - mommyoutnumbered.com title


I like using these plates with separate areas for different food since I can prepare 3-4 dishes and that can complete their meal. My boys started to use their forks now too when they eat on their own.

Let’s look at each meal.

  1. Grilled Chicken, peas, and mashed potato balls
  2. Rolled eggs with spinach, melon, and PB&J sandwichBaby finger food, toddler meal ideas - mommyoutnumbered.com 2
  3. Cucumber, Strawberries, and rice balls with Fish Flakes and seaweed (or  Sprinkles / Furikake
    Baby finger food, toddler meal ideas - mommyoutnumbered.com 3
  4. Scrambled Eggs, avocado, and carrot muffins (graded carrot in Pancake mix batter)
    Baby finger food, toddler meal ideas - mommyoutnumbered.com 4
  5. Broccoli, apple, and rice balls with canned tuna
    Baby finger food, toddler meal ideas - mommyoutnumbered.com 5
  6. Banana, strawberries, cheese, and homemade bread
    Baby finger food, toddler meal ideas - mommyoutnumbered.com 6
  7. Scrambled eggs, raspberries, and bread
    Baby finger food, toddler meal ideas - mommyoutnumbered.com 7

Some of them are not as healthy as I want it to be but sometimes I just have to work with what I have and what I can prepare quickly on a busy day with my kids. When I cook meals with meat and more vegetables, it is usually not really ‘finger food’ (cooked in a broth or stew so I have to feed it to them with a spoon) but my boys do enjoy having control of their fork and pretend to eat with it. So, something that’s not too messy is usually a good candidate for finger food lunch for them.

If you are feeling stumped, or un-inspired, about what to cook for your baby or toddler, I hope that this list of easy food ideas might help you find some fun ways to prepare fun, healthy meals.

Thank you so much for reading!









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13 thoughts on “7 Toddler Meal / Baby Finger Food Ideas

  1. Nikki says:

    Looks pretty similar to our meals, but I like the idea of rice balls, I’ll have to add that to the mix, they love rice. Do you always use short grain sticky rice?


  2. yosh_mommyoutnumbered says:

    Yes I really recommend rice balls! We only have short grain Japanese rice (from Costco😄) so that’s what I always use. If they are too sticky, adding sesame seeds or wrapping them in small pieces of seaweed have helped 🙂 The only downside is that it takes forever to roll many little rice balls! If Im lazy, I just make a big rice ball stick and they can bite off it.


  3. yosh_mommyoutnumbered says:

    Thank you for your comment! I know… it’s hard isn’t it? I start discussing with the fridge during their naptime but sometimes I have no idea!!! I respect those working mamas who have to make their lunch early in the morning before taking them to daycare,xx


  4. yosh_mommyoutnumbered says:

    They are called “Katsuo Bushi” (bonito flakes) and I have found them at asian grocery stores.
    I have baked salmon and flaked it into small pieces and mixed it with rice before and that tastes good too 🙂


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