My twins’ birth story – Part1 –

I haven’t really written a post on the birth of my twins before. I thought maybe I should sometime since I will appreciate having documented it, and also I cannot even count how many other people’s blog posts on twin birth I had read leading up to the delivery of my boys. Reading others’ various experiences helped me gather lots of useful information and most of all, it gave me the confidence that I could do it when I know so many other women had gone through it in so many different ways… By reading other peoples’ birth stories, I was encouraged to survive the last, uncomfortable, stage of pregnancy and push through to the nerve-racking reality of a “risky” twin birth.

I will write a summary of my birth experience right here just in case you don’t want to read the whole lengthy post!

  • I was scheduled for C-section by my specialist OB at 38 weeks because my boys were both breech.
  • I had my twins via C-section in the hospital 4 hours after the scheduled time.
  • I got a spinal tap and also had antibiotics in my I.V. because of the Group B Strep positive.
  • They were born 40 seconds apart.
  • My recovery was a little rough due to spiked blood pressure post surgery.
  • I could not stand for two days after the operation because I fainted everytime I tried on the first two days.


Photo Credit: Sara Cannon Photography


This is my experience from that precious day. It may get long, but please keep reading!


In the morning of the scheduled C-section date, I was super excited. I longed for this day. Not just because I was uncomfortable and “done” with this pregnancy where I couldn’t really move by the end of it, but also I could not wait to finally see my babies!

My husband helped me prep-wash my body at home using the special antiseptic scrub that we got from the hospital, then we got ready with hospital bags and rushed to the hospital two hours before the scheduled time (9am was our time). Not surprisingly, we were told that there are a few emergency C-sections going on that morning and that ours will probably be delayed to the afternoon. So, we sat, in anxious anticipation.

We waited in the hospital room that we had been assigned to, my husband and I enjoyed the last “alone” moment together by playing games together on our phones, Battleship actually. hahaha. We were also listening to some mellow music since I was getting pretty nervous!

Around 9am, my mom and my husband’s parents arrived at the hospital and came to visit us in the room, but because I was nervous they left us alone and went to grab something to eat.

Around 12:00pm, our nurse came in and requested that we queue-up and walk to operating room. Here I am, walking in my hospital gown (with the back wide open!) in the hallway towards the OR. My husband was taken to a change room to change into the scrubs and I walked passed my mom in the waiting area… and finally went into the room.

The operating room was huge. I didn’t really look around the room because I didn’t want to know much! I am not good with blood or any thoughts of surgery! But this was to meet my babies, so I was ready. There were many nurses and doctors in the room. At least 10. They were all so welcoming and so friendly. I got to chatting with a couple of them while a doctor started to do the spinal tap on my back. I was nervous but it was more like an excitement. I wanted to get these babies out and finally meet them. To my surprise, I was not that scared of the actual surgery part. The OBGYN, who I had been seeing every two to four weeks during my pregnancy, came to greet me and we chatted casually while she got ready. She is my favorite doctor. I am so happy I was able to have her as my operating doctor for my delivery.

After they laid me on the bed, they started to clean my body (which I had started to lose feeling of from the waist down while they were wiping…) and put up the blue curtain up on my chest so I could not see anything below there any more.

Around that time, my OB said, “Oh where is her husband?!” (My husband was told to wait in the different room in a scrub and mask while they got me ready) The nurses quickly went to get him and he came in to the OR.

Oh I was so glad to see him. He looked a little bit nervous too. When he came in, my anesthetic had already kicked in and I could no longer feel anything below my chest, and my upper body started to shake like crazy. My arms were tied to the bed because my arms were shaking really badly. My husband was worried to see me shaking like that, but I told him that I was feeling okay and we are all good.

My husband brought his camera into the room and one of the stand-by doctors offered to take pictures with his camera so my husband could properly enjoy the moment.

Then he sat right beside me and we were talking a little bit…, which seemed like a really really short time before my OB told my husband to stand up to look on the other side of the curtain. I was wondering why he wants to see her starting to cut into my belly…

But then, that’s when I heard loud crying!!!

What?! A tiny voice?! A baby?! I really didn’t know what was going on for a second. Then it clicked. Oh, one of my baby boys was out already. While we were chatting, the doctor already must have had cut me open. Then, right after that, another little crying voice. 40 seconds to be exact, is the difference of their birth time.



As tears were running down on my face, I excitedly asked my husband, “Are they cute?” “What do they look like?” “How are they?”

I don’t even remember his answers. I was so overwhelmed and excited. I could not believe that the babies, who I had never seen, who were in my belly for the last 8 months, were out in the world. It was an extraordinary feeling that I cannot explain in words.

The OB held the babies up but I could not see them that well because I was still laying on my back. I remember her saying that she is surprised that our boys both have light brown hair although the dark Asian hair is usually dominant. hahaha.

Then, everyone laughed. My husband explained to me that Baby B (M, who was born 40 seconds after his brother) peed on Baby A (T), while still attached to me by our umbilical cords. It is one of the cute stories that we will tell them when they are older and we are the only ones who will think it’s funny. (and we look forward to the eye-roll that they will give us)

The nurses quickly took the babies to the tables on the other side of the room to run a check up on their health. My husband walked up to them to have a closer look at them and that is also where he cut their cords.

After a few minutes (when I was trying so hard to have a good look at them from the other side of the room, still being strapped while the doctor sewed me up), my husband and the other nurse brought the babies to me…..


My twin boys' birth story- 2

a few days after they were born, in the hospital


Next time, I will share with you the first time I held them, and our experiences in the hospital (my recovery, and the learning curve of two babies).

<To Be Continuted to the Birth Story Part Two>


6 thoughts on “My twins’ birth story – Part1 –

  1. Nikki says:

    I also had nervous excitement waiting for the arrival of our twins. A C-section is such a crazy experience, you are just waiting for the doctors to deliver the babies. I, like you, was surprised not to see a head full of dark Asian hair. 🙂


  2. Zelynne says:

    Aww I love this!! I like reading birth stories. Weird huh? I almost got induced because I’m 5 days away from my due date and I still show no signs of improvement of labor. I was so scared because I didn’t want any meds ( even though I ended up having epidural). I have all these birth plans in my head but they never happened. They always never happen. But as long as the baby is healthy. And the mommy too. That’s the important thing. Can’t wait to ready the part 2.


  3. yosh_mommyoutnumbered says:

    Thank you so much for your comment!
    Yes, it felt so strange to have the birth experience so quickly. I used to be afraid of C-section birth but I actually enjoyed the experience 🙂
    Your girls are like my boys! brown hair & hazel eyes 🙂 My boys had almost no hair although I had a full head of hair when I wad born!


  4. yosh_mommyoutnumbered says:

    Awww thank you Zelynne!
    You are so right. Birth plan never works… I had mentally prepared for anything and in my “birth plan” notebook to show my nurses, I put something like “please do the safest thing for delivery and my babies.”;)
    Thank you for reading this. I cried lots while I wrote it… such an emotional and precious day….. hope you enjoy the part two too when I finish it 🙂


  5. Michelle says:

    thank you for sharing! Oh my I often wonder what it would be like carrying two babies at the same time. I felt huge near the end (and when Linnaea was born she was only 5 pounds 10 ounces) and so I couldn’t imagine the final waiting moments before they arrived. I also loved reading about your c-section, I myself did not have one and so I find it extremely fascinating! Like Zelynne said, I love reading birth stories also because no two are ever the same.


  6. yosh_mommyoutnumbered says:

    Thank you so much for reading it!
    I can’t even remember half of how uncomfortable I was!!! lol I could not walk without supporting my enormous belly wiT a ring swing hahaha (true story) even with discomfort, limitation and pain, I miss that feeling of having them so close inside me though 🙂
    I agree. Every single birth is different isnt it?! just like parenting too. I don’t know any other way than my birth and raising my boys and that is why I enjoy reading other people’s blogs too!!! fascinating and inspiring 🙂 I am so glad to hear you enjoyed mine too!! xo


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