Rainy season is here

We live on the west coast of Canada. That means, to those who live here, that this time of the year is the “rainy season”.

No complaints though. It is beautiful. Well, to be honest, I used to hate having to use an umbrella, getting my makeup and hair messed up, etc… But I actually learned to love the rain. My husband who was born and raised here probably influenced me.

Our little boys are born here and are going to grow up here. Naturally, they are going to see a lot of rainy days. As I have mentioned before, our boys are very adventurous and they love nature. They love walking on logs, exploring in the forest, playing in the dirt… so I wasn’t surprised to find that they LOVE playing in the rain. (oh, and in puddles of course!)

I usually let them play when it is sprinkling outside but the only problem we had was that they would always want to sit on the ground and they get so wet that we have to go inside to change their pants, which means their playtime was so short. I have been talking to my mommy friends and I really wanted to get a water proof full body suit for the boys. I thought that would be perfect for our active boys.

I actually went to a local outdoor supplies store rather than a kids’ store and I found really nice rain suits from Lighthouse.


These “Puddlesuit” waterproof rain suits look so cute on them.


The material on the inside is very durable. It fits easily on top of anything they are wearing and it is very light. It feels thinner than I expected a puddle suit to be, but it is a thickness that their little bodies can be protected and waterproofed without being too restrictive to movement.



These suits claim to be 100% waterproof and that is exactly what our boys need. The zippers on the front are easy to open and close, letting a squirmy kid with a bulky hoodie and sweat pants into the suit with ease.


I was so impressed with these suits so much that I started researching about the company, Lighthouse, that makes them (since I had actually never heard of them before).

Lighthouse believes in the “Live simple, live happy” philosophy. They make product so that people can enjoy their relaxing retreat in a stylish and protected clothing. I checked out other lines and they have cute jackets for women too! I might have to get something that’s waterproof for me as well so that I can keep up with our boys!

I want this…!


If you are wondering what brand of rain suit / puddle suit to get, I definitely recommend these. I haven’t tried other brands, but I know for the fact that these work really well. Toddler clothes (especially for two) can be expensive so it’s nice to run into a great product without trying out a number of different brands to determine what works best. I know our boys will wear these every rainy day, or even when the ground is a little bit wet.



Click on the image below to read more about this awesome suit!


Lighthouse Clothing New Autumn Winter Collection

I hope you found this post helpful. Thank you so much for reading.



***Although I was not sponsored or asked to review these products since I bought them on my own, there are banners with affiliated links on this blog post.





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