Toddler Must Haves / Wish List


The Baby Cubby kindly sponsored this post, but all the opinions remain my own. Thanks so much for helping support mommy outnumbered!


Until I became a parent, I never truly understood how much stuff your child uses and how quickly they grow out of each thing. Just a year ago, our living room was filled with a large playpen, two exersaucers, a play tent, a ball pit, and baskets full of toys. Now, our living room is all about a mat space where our boys do crafts or wrestle, or they can bring toys, puzzles, or cars to play with from their toy shelves in their room. We have a toddler table and chairs for them to eat snacks and draw with crayons. This time last year, I could have never imagined what types of toys and gear our boys would use.

Our twin boys are 21 months old (I hate to say they are almost two but it’s true) and so far I have gone through a lot of gear, baby/ toddler items, mommy items, etc. If you are someone looking for the best product for your child’s next step, thinking of holiday gift ideas, or baby shower gifts, I hope this post can lend some clarity.


Play / Learn:


  • PlanToys Ride on Bike – Our boys love riding bikes and scooters. I just love how this one is made of wood and looks stylish as well. Also having four secure wheels will help the toddler-stage-child to be able to enjoy riding a bike without having to “balance”. Our boys tried a two-wheel balance bike when they were still younger and it was not a good idea since they could not just sit back and enjoy riding around and they got tired of it. So I believe this type of bike is a great bike to have around the house just for their everyday fun toy.
  • Boon Pipes Bath Toy – Bath time is a big part of baby/ toddlerhood. And I am always looking for good bath toys that gives them creativity to play with water. As a parent, we all know keeping a toddler well entertained in the bath is important to finish washing them top to bottom!
  • Fat Brain Toys – Squigz Starter Set – My boys are all into blocks, puzzles and the colours. This toy is conceptually clever, allowing them to create freely with an odd shaped building piece. Playing with a non-conventional shape lets them ‘think outside the blocks’.
  • Tegu Stunt Team Collection – Skyhood – Similarly with the last one, this one allows multiple different ways to build a plane using magnetic pieces. It develops creative thinking, and what toddlers don’t like airplanes?! Plus, the design of the wooden material is very warm, and pleasing to the eye.



On the go:


  • Skip Hop Highline Convertible Diaper Bag – To me, everything has to be convenient and efficient when it comes to going out. My hands are (literally) full with two toddlers whenever I go out. But not only two toddlers, they require quite a bit of baggage that must come along. So a backpack is a must and with this, it still looks stylish. (and not too diaper bag-y, if you know what I mean)
  • Skip Hop ZOO Pack Little Kid Backpacks – Pig – My boys currently have the owl backpack and the giraffe backpack from Skip Hop (smaller size). They are not just adorable, they are lightweight yet the shape is solid enough that it is easy for our boys to open and close to put toys in. Backpacks for the toddlers to carry their favorite stuffies and blankies are such a great idea whey you are travelling!
  • Skip Hop Grab & Go Baby Food Storage Tower – I don’t know about yours, but my kids eat all-day-long. These are great for storing healthy snacks and keeping them tidy in the diaper bag when we are out.
  • Baby Jogger City Select Stroller with Second Seat – This stroller is my best purchase ever. Yes, it is on the higher end of the double stroller. However, it is not built as ‘just a double stroller’. It can be a single stroller, but you can also add a seat, and those seats can be facing forward, backwards, facing each other, or facing away from each other. (Not to mention you can also clip on the bucket car seats on it as well so you can use this stroller from the day one) I LOVE it. I use it daily. Our boys are 30 pounds each now but they still fit in them well yet it is same size as many single strollers. The best part is how I can out-maneouver any other double stroller in smaller stores or elevators, etc. Oh and I always put my groceries in the underneath compartment of this stroller; it has a plenty of space. If you are expecting twins, or even considering having more than one child, I would recommend this stroller 100%.



All the product I showed above are available to get at (They currently only ship out to US). In this post, I picked some must-have items for the toddler stage, but they have a wide range of baby products for from the newborn stage including all the useful gear and product I could not have lived with in the early days of parenthood. By having used, for example, many different makes of baby bottles, breast pumps, etc, I know they only carry the best products.

SO, what makes the Baby Cubby different?


What I love about this shop is that they pick the products that they care about. It is not just a baby store that carries everything and you get lost in a huge list of a same thing in different brands. The feeling I got when I first visited their online store is that It is as if someone cares about you and your baby, and that the items are hand picked just for you. Fair enough, this shop is made up of parents who have been there. When I was pregnant with my boys, I remember going to a big baby store chain trying to plan and register items for the baby shower and I had no idea what to pick. I used to feel that way when I had to get a baby shower gift or a birthday present for my friends’ children before having my own children. It is something that one can be overwhelmed about unless you have experienced it. That is the resource this store offers. For example, on their website they provide an extensive guide to choosing a diaper bag, and it explains not only what you will be needing in it but also all the features of different brands that make it easier for you to compare. They also run a stroller test to ensure that their product is safe. I was truly impressed with what they put into the store. If I lived close to their store (yes they have a physical store in Utah too!), I would be going there all the time!! If you are interested, here is more about them.

Here are great things they offer as well as the parent support and safety.

  • Price match, even amazon
  • Carry only the best and safest gear so you can shop confidently
  • Free Shipping everyday at over $49 (US Only)



Thank you so much for visiting my site. And thank you so much Baby Cubby for partnering with me! I hope this will inspire some people when you are at a loss to what baby item to get for your child or for your special person’s child!

Hope everyone has a great week. 



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  1. Julie says:

    Hello Yosh, this is an amazing blog, the toddlers are looking impressive. Children will love to play with these types of toys. I will surely buy these types of toys for my kids. Thanks for sharing this wonderful blog.


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