Merry Christmas 2016.

Merry Christmas!

I hope everyone is enjoying this holiday season with your loved ones. I apologize for not posting anything on here for over a month and I haven’t been very active on social media.

I am not sure where to start, but our life has been very busy for the last month. My mom was visiting from Japan, then after she left, our boys decided to go through a sleep regression again and their bedtime got pushed back much later every night. That meant I had no “blog time” after they went to bed. I am not complaining though. It has been actually fun spending more evening with them after dinner. We can play quietly or watch a movie together. Tis the season for more family time, right? That was the main reason why I hadn’t touched my computer for a few weeks! Oops, sorry!

Christmas was such a fun event in this house. Our almost-two-years-old boys were so into everything Christmas. They love Santa, reindeer, snowman, presents, and Christmas trees! The excitement in their eyes on Christmas morning was just priceless.

Opening gifts on Christmas morning!!

They are getting much more social too. We had three Christmas dinners / parties to attend, and we also had friends’ families over for dinner at our place last night, but the boys seemed to do well with lots of people and they seemed to just enjoy the festivities all together. I feel incredibly lucky to be able to enjoy this holiday season with my boys.

Focaccia bread I made for the party. (This gorgeous wooden cutting board was the Christmas present from my husband)

It snowed for a few days a few weeks ago and our boys got to experience their first snow day! They didn’t care about how cold it was. They loved it. With some snowy icy days and rainy days, we have been doing a lot of activities inside the house. I make lots of things from Origami with them. They also love painting, playing with playdough, doing crafts, etc. I hope to share some of the new indoor activities that they have been into.

Daddy built a big snow man! They LOVED his carrot nose.

Also in the new year, I hope to do some posts on Japanese new year celebration.

Thank you so much for visiting me on here and I hope everyone has a fun and safe New year celebration. Hope to see you on here on 2017!!


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