[Toddler Activity Ideas] Indoor plays that my toddlers love!


Summer is here!

And it is hot. I don’t know about yours but my boys want to be outside ALL DAY LONG if they could. But with excessive heat and some seasonal allergies (one of my boys suffers), we sometimes have to make a choice to stay inside. Indoor play centres are fun and they love it but it gets expensive.

Our boys have some favorite activities they do indoors. They have toys and blocks and they do play with those, but they seem to enjoy creative plays a little bit more.

If you have read my other posts, you know I like easy and quick. I usually think of something to do with them while talking to them or when they are asking me about things they like…

Here are some of my boys’ favorite indoor activities!


Playdoh – They get creative and make up stories while making some creatures!!


Puzzles – They have a few favorite ones. Picking the theme that they are interested in is the key, I think… This ocean themed puzzle really encourage our boys to complete it. Bigger pieces are easier for this age.


Rock Climbing – My husband made this rock climbing wall and I love that they have a physical play option at home! (I shared how he made it)


Pretend Lunch Box – They have lots of wooden food toys too but when we use our imagination and make our own food using scrap paper (they rip the paper and they imagine what it is based on the shape the paper make!!), they get more into it and have fun thinking of what to put in the lunch box. Best of all, it is just paper. We can recycle it after we are done playing!


Handmade Animal Cards – In our boys’ case, they wanted sea animals made out of paper. So simple and not so fancy but trust me, the kids love this kind of toys. Our boys and their friends fought for my great fish drawing cards LOL This way, they can carry them anywhere they go (which our boys do all the time!) and I can re-make their toys again as they are made by me!


Diapers as toys – I did not encourage them to do this… They just find it so fascinating to put diapers on stuffies and toys! They spend a long time figuring out how to put on diapers haha.


Hand Stamp – This idea of making hands look like fish was taken from Pinterest. With their love of Finding Dory, I made their handprints as Dory and Nemo and I randomly added my handprint to make it look like Hank the Octopus. This was such a hit for the boys and also the daddy! Also the activity of making this together was a lot of fun.


Fishing – Paper, string, and tape. That’s it. If you want it to be fancier and something that lasts for a while, you could use a paper clip and magnet too, but I did this just as a quick game one morning, and you know what, tape works well. They loved it. When tape gets all yucky and non-sticky, just replace it!


Drawing/ painting – This takes a little bit more preparation than other activities as you have to gear them up in art smocks and have to be mentally prepared for the mess afterwards but it is worth it. They love using watercolour paints to draw and experiment with the brushes. Very valuable entertainment for sure.


Sticking Art – They are fascinated with glue. I guess that’s because I don’t usually let them play with it unless I have a project… I simply cut out their favorite creatures and let them use the glue to paste onto sheets of paper to create art. Great way to create some art pieces to put on the wall or to make gifts for someone special!


As you can probably see, most of these have something to do with sea animals. I have talked about it before but our boys are obsessed with sea animals. So why not create something of their interest? Chances are, just a piece of paper can easily become treasure for them and they will carry them around everywhere they go! (yup my boys take paper fish everywhere in their backpacks!)

I am not really a crafty person but my two year old toddlers still think I am cool haha.


I hope everyone has a great week.


3 thoughts on “[Toddler Activity Ideas] Indoor plays that my toddlers love!

  1. Renee says:

    Fantastic ideas! My daughter just turned one last month and I’m forever trying to come up with new activities for her to try (although it’s a bit difficult as she’s still in the ‘everything goes into her mouth’ stage!) The rock climbing idea is awesome! Thanks for sharing!

    Renee | Life After Lux


  2. yosh_mommyoutnumbered says:

    Thank you so much!! yah…it is hard to keep things out of their mouth at that stage! My boys sometimes still do it but more so on purpose lol With some supervision, craft is lots of fun!
    Thanks for visiting my site 🙂 🙂


  3. Jeff says:

    Lots of great ideas here. One thing we’ve had luck with is (although not DIY) are the kid-sized versions of air hockey and foosball tables. They’re small, can fit on a tabletop and are inexpensive. Besides being fun they also help with eye-hand coordination. The rock wall is super cool too!


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