[Toddler Idea] Fun and Educational Cookies!

Who doesn't get excited with cookies? And, what if they are shapes that you love? For me, it's like getting a ballerina Christmas ornament, but it's better, you can eat it! (if you didn't know, I used to do ballet and was obsessed with collecting anything with a ballet motif) Well, our 21 months old … Continue reading [Toddler Idea] Fun and Educational Cookies!

Co-sleeping with twins (revealing our massive floor bed)

I have mentioned this briefly before, but we co-sleep. (this term still feels weird to use since I had no idea there was a special term for sleeping with your kids until I became a parent!) When our twin boys were newborn (until 5 months), they slept in their own bassinets, beside our bed, until they … Continue reading Co-sleeping with twins (revealing our massive floor bed)