[Toddler Recipe] Mild and Healthy Curry

Our 19 month old boys still like eating different varieties of food, luckily. Just like us, they like "good tasting" food. I don't blame them haha! So I usually cook whatever dishes I cook for us and give the boys the "less salt, less spiced" version of the food. I usually cook things and just … Continue reading [Toddler Recipe] Mild and Healthy Curry

International Travel with One Year Olds

Now we can say, "We traveled with our twins!"   When I heard that my friends and coworkers had taken their babies to Mexico or Hawaii, I asked, bewilderingly, "how did you do it?!". It might have been just me but I was very nervous about the idea of being away from home, where I know where … Continue reading International Travel with One Year Olds